Welcome to the Warren County Tennessee Election Commission

Poll Workers
Poll workers ensure the conduct of fair and accurate elections.  They set up and prepare the polling location, greet voters, verify registrants, and issue ballots. Poll workers demonstrate how voting equipment works and explain voting procedures. At the end of the day, they close the precinct and prepare materials for delivery to the elections office.
Poll workers are essential to ensuring that the elections are a success. Becoming a poll worker is one of the most rewarding ways citizens can become involved in the election process. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Warren County poll worker!
What are the job assignments?
  • Officer: The officer leads a precinct team and supports the other poll worker positions.
  • Machine Operator: The Machine Operator assists voters at the voting machine.
  • Registrar: Registers and verifies voters before sending them to the voting machines.
  • Greeter: Due to COVID-19, this is a new position.  The greeter is in charge of several tasks such as greeting the voters, making sure voters are socially distanced, handing out supplies, communicating about safety protocols, cleaning, sanitizing, and helping around the precinct.
Training is required under state law.  Poll workers must attend training to be eligible to work.  A person who does not attend training will be ineligible to work regardless of whether he/she has previously attended training.
Will I be able to vote on Election Day?
It is recommended that all poll workers vote during the Early Voting period. Only poll workers who are assigned to their home precinct will be able to vote on election day.
Why do you need to know my political party?
At the polling sites, the state requires party balance.  We staff an equal number of Republican and Democratic poll workers at each site.  We also staff independent Poll workers which can be asked to represent either party for balance purposes.
In Warren County, the polls open at 8:00 AM until 7:00 PM. All Election Day workers are asked to be at their assigned precinct at 7:00 AM on the morning of the election. The day ends after 7:00 PM or when the last voter has left the precinct.  Additional time will be required for equipment tear-down, Clean-up, etc.
At the end of the night, when everything is finished, the officer will ask one of the opposite party workers to ride along with them in order to take the supplies and paperwork to the election office.


Training & Helpful Documents